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17 results from year 1998 found in the database (74 images)

10 mandamientos el ano (Elle Argentina March 1998)
Credits: Gilles Bensimon

Elle (Argentina-1998) Elle (Argentina-1998) 

A private view by Santa d'Orazio ( USA 1998)
Credits: Sante d'Orazio

 (USA-1998)  (USA-1998)  (USA-1998)  (USA-1998)  (USA-1998)  (USA-1998)  (USA-1998)  (USA-1998)  (USA-1998)  (USA-1998)  (USA-1998)  (USA-1998)  (USA-1998) 

African queen (W USA September 1998)
Credits: Tom Munro

W (USA-1998) W (USA-1998) W (USA-1998) 

Christy (Cleo Australia June 1998)

Cleo (Australia-1998) Cleo (Australia-1998) Cleo (Australia-1998) Cleo (Australia-1998) Cleo (Australia-1998) 

Christy down to earth (Jane USA October 1998)

Jane (USA-1998) Jane (USA-1998) Jane (USA-1998) Jane (USA-1998) Jane (USA-1998) Jane (USA-1998) 

Dans les coulisses de la mode (Fabien Mara's Book Book 1998)

Fabien Mara's Book (Book-1998) 

Fashion (Fashion Guide Germany Winter 1998)

Fashion Guide (Germany-1998) Fashion Guide (Germany-1998) Fashion Guide (Germany-1998) Fashion Guide (Germany-1998) 

La dolce vita (Jane USA November 1998)
Credits: Pamela Hanson

Jane (USA-1998) Jane (USA-1998) Jane (USA-1998) Jane (USA-1998) Jane (USA-1998) Jane (USA-1998) Jane (USA-1998) Jane (USA-1998) Jane (USA-1998) Jane (USA-1998) 

Manhattan makeover special (Marie Claire USA Summer 1998)
Credits: Patrick Demarchelier

Marie Claire (USA-1998) 

Model student (Frank The Netherlands February 1998)
Credits: Michael Thompson

Frank (The Netherlands-1998) 

Objects of desire (Elle USA December 1998)
Credits: Gilles Bensimon

Elle (USA-1998) Elle (USA-1998) Elle (USA-1998) Elle (USA-1998) 

Season of the sheath (Vogue USA March 1998)
Credits: Arthur Elgort

Vogue (USA-1998) Vogue (USA-1998) Vogue (USA-1998) Vogue (USA-1998) Vogue (USA-1998) Vogue (USA-1998) Vogue (USA-1998) Vogue (USA-1998) 

Shining stars (In Style USA December 1998)
Credits: Timothy Greenfield Sanders

In Style (USA-1998) In Style (USA-1998) 

Simply pretty (Mirabella USA May 1998)
Credits: Matthew Rolston

Mirabella (USA-1998) Mirabella (USA-1998) 

The return to elegance (Vogue Australia September 1998)
Credits: Arthur Elgort

Vogue (Australia-1998) Vogue (Australia-1998) Vogue (Australia-1998) Vogue (Australia-1998) 

Twisty Twirlington (Blackbook USA December 1998)
Credits: Peter Beard

Blackbook (USA-1998) Blackbook (USA-1998) Blackbook (USA-1998) Blackbook (USA-1998) 

Versace par Avedon (Photo France October 1998)
Credits: Richard Avedon

Photo (France-1998) Photo (France-1998) Photo (France-1998) Photo (France-1998)