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(Two million miles Book 2006)
Credits: Andrew Mac Pherson

Two million miles (Book-2006) 

Beyond super (Evening standard UK 7 July 2006)
Credits: Walter Chin

Evening standard (UK-2006) Evening standard (UK-2006) Evening standard (UK-2006) Evening standard (UK-2006) 

Christy Turlington ujra befut (Glamour Hungary 2006)
Credits: Patrick Demarchelier

Glamour (Hungary-2006) Glamour (Hungary-2006) 

El nuevo negro (Vogue Mexico December 2006)
Credits: Patrick Demarchelier

Vogue (Mexico-2006) Vogue (Mexico-2006) Vogue (Mexico-2006) Vogue (Mexico-2006) Vogue (Mexico-2006) Vogue (Mexico-2006) Vogue (Mexico-2006) Vogue (Mexico-2006) 

Great at any age (In Style USA August 2006)
Credits: John Balsom

In Style (USA-2006) In Style (USA-2006) 

Les catwomen de Versace (Madame Figaro France 2006)
Credits: Mario Testino

Madame Figaro (France-2006) Madame Figaro (France-2006) 

Red is the new black (Vogue USA August 2006)
Credits: Patrick Demarchelier

Vogue (USA-2006) Vogue (USA-2006) Vogue (USA-2006) Vogue (USA-2006) Vogue (USA-2006) Vogue (USA-2006) Vogue (USA-2006) Vogue (USA-2006) Vogue (USA-2006) Vogue (USA-2006) Vogue (USA-2006) Vogue (USA-2006) Vogue (USA-2006) Vogue (USA-2006) 

Rede, engel, rede (Quest Germany July 2006)
Credits: Jean Francois Carly

Quest (Germany-2006) Quest (Germany-2006) Quest (Germany-2006) Quest (Germany-2006) Quest (Germany-2006) Quest (Germany-2006) 

The originals (W USA September 2006)
Credits: Juergen Teller

W (USA-2006) W (USA-2006) 

Z is for zeitgen (V USA September 2006)

V (USA-2006)