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Allure (USA-August 1991)Allure (USA-July 1991)Alt (Denmark-September 1991)Amica (Italy-January 1991)Avant-Garde (The Netherlands-8 July 1991)Caras (Chile-1991)
Collections (Japan-Fall Winter 1991)Cosmopolitan (Greece-June 1991)Cosmopolitan (Spain-May 1991)Cosmopolitan (USA-April 1991)Culture & Entertaining (China-February 1991)Elegance (Australia-April 1991)
Elle (Brazil-January 1991)Elle (France-4 February 1991)Elle (Germany-January 1991)Elle (Greece-October 1991)Elle (Japan-January 1991)Elle (Portugal-January 1991)
Elle (UK-January 1991)Epoca (Italy-January 1990)Fashion (Italy-March 1991)Fashion Show (USA-Spring Summer 1991)Femme Pratique (France-October 1991)Gynaika (Greece-June 1991)
Gynaika (Greece-January 1991)Gynaika (Greece-June 1991)Gynaika (Greece-December 1991)Hi Fashion (Japan-May 1991)Maclean's (Canada-December 1991)Moda (Italy-October 1991)
Paris Capitale (France-February 1991)Photo (France-December 1991)Pret-a-Porter (Italy-Fall Winter 1991)Pret-a-Porter (Italy-January 1991)Raketa (Hungary-28 May 1991)Rovesnik (Russia-December 1991)
Up to Date (Germany-March 1991)Vogue (France-March 1991)Vogue (Italy-September 1989)Vogue (Italy-May 1991)Vogue (Italy-June 1991)Vogue (Italy-August 1991)
Vogue (Italy-September 1991)Vogue (UK-February 1991)Vogue (UK-October 1991)Vogue (UK-September 1991)Vogue (UK-August 1991)Vogue (UK-June 1991)
Vogue (USA-September 1991)Vogue Hommes (France-December 1991)W Fashion Life (USA-September 1991)W Fashion Life (USA-October 1991)WWD (Japan-1 April 1991)WWD (Japan-8 April 1991)